Collaboration freeware soundset for Diversion

Collaboration is a free soundset for all “Diversion” users, a soundset with a bunch of great patches made by some of the world’s best and finest sound designers… Download Collaboration (~91 MB)

Here is a list of all the people who were involved on this project…

Rob „RM“ Mitchell (19 Patches) - Without him, this project would never have started. Rob is a writer for website where he tests and reviews music-related software.

Byeong Seon „WM“ Mun (50 Patches) - also known as 'WeatherM', an Ambient music producer and sound designer from South Korea. Working on some new tracks and some new soundbanks for now.. He love atmospheres from synthesized sounds... and chickens. He make sound patches to get chicken. Chicken is LOVE and PIECE..

Sami „AZ“ Rabia (5 Patches) - a.k.a Aiyn Zahev has worked with companies such as U-he, Tone2 & Sypnase-audio as well as running his own sound design business Aiyn Zahev Sounds.

George "Pykno" Zondagh (ES) (18 Patches)- . . Owner/operator of Eternity Sound and a producer of various kinds of bass music under the name Pykno.

Irion „IDR“ Da Ronin (19 Patches)- - - Brilliant autodidactic music producer, sound designer and demo writer. He has been working with sound designers and synth developers making demo audios for them. Also earned his equipment from competing in important online contests.

Rob „RL“ Lee (18 Patches) - Sound Designer for Waldorf Music and others such as U-HE, Tone2, Fabfilter, MOTU, Hypersynth, Rob Papen, KV331 Audio and more.

Frank “Xenox” Neumann (FN) (33 Patches) - - Frank is a german sound designer, he created particular-sound with his friend Ingo „Traumatic“ Nasse back in 2002 to help companies making sounds and samples for various products. He made sounds for companys like Yamaha Europe, Waldorf, Ableton, LinPlug, Fabfilter, Sugar-Bytes, KV331, TAL and a lot of more. He got a „sound design award“ back in 2006 for his work on Sophistry, a synthesizer created with LinPlug were Frank did the whole sounds.