Sounds for Thorn


Thorn Expansions Bundle is a set of three sound expansions created by Rob Lee and Dmitry Sches:

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Thorned by Simon Stockhausen is a soundset of 115 patches. Thorned explores the sonic boundaries of Thorn to the maximum, covering a wide range of sounds from evolving pads, exciting overtone textures and complex drones to gritty rhythmical sequences in different time signatures, expressive keys, pluck and lead sounds, punchy basses, beautiful and otherworldly soundscapes and some experimental textures hard to describe with words.
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Universal Donor by Zbandut Sound Consortium is a set of 64 presets for progressive and all other EDM genres. Universal Donor is intended and covered many styles from Deep and Neo Trance, Progressive and Retro Electronica.
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Serene Galaxy contains 150 high quality presets, it is suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres. Serene Galaxy includes a well balanced assortment of presets spread out a diverse category of patches, including arps, basses, leads, pads, plucks, keys, drums, and sequences.
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Thorn Sound Expansion 2, created by Rob Lee, is a collection of 100 Ambient, House, Techno and Trance presets.
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HouseMaster One, created by Rob Lee, is a collection of 85 Ambient House and Techno presets.
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Thorn Essentials is a collection of 100 Bass, Lead and Pluck sounds. All presets respond to modulation wheel controller and velocity. The sounds can be used for production in any modern electronic music genre.
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True Trance Sounds Vol.5 is a soundbank of 70 unique atmospheric sounds. The soundset is great for Trance, House, Chillout and Ambient Space music. Lush and atmospheric Pads will get your ears and mind in the other world. Unique Leads and Plucks will give your tracks more origin sounds. The Bass sounds have a same not typical sounding as your imagine has thought to hear it, and all this in the one big soundbank. Read more

Serene Worlds contains 150 high quality presets and is suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres. It includes over 180MB of noise samples and attacks embedded within the presets, in addition to over 100 custom presets for Arp, Glitch, MSEG, Effects, and Harmonic Oscillator Modules. Read more

Icarus is a set of 51 presets created by Empty Vessel for Thorn, 32 of which are pads. Most patches are noisy, wonky, randomly glitchy and dirty or just subtly dusty. Both cold, digital sounds and warm, expansive pads are included with a lot of movement and evolving textures perfect for dark ambient or soundtrack work and pads/beds for bass genres or techno. Also a few BOC style key patches and some fx drones. Read more

Form Future Bass Thorn Presets by ADSR Sounds. Form is an eclectic spin into Future Bass utilizing Thorn’s Spectral Synthesis methods, FM synthesis and Harmonic Shaping. The result? Super lush evolving pads, futuristic leads, harmonic bass tones and spaced out inspiring keys. Add in your own touch by experimenting with Thorn’s Harmonic Filter and you’ve instantly morphed one sound into something unique. Read more

Floating Points contains 120 sounds for Thorn created by Sounds Divine.
This soundset makes full use of Thorn's extensive modulation system and features a range of futuristic sounds including, deep dub grooves, morphing wavetable sounds, synth plucks, formant pads, crystal bells, dreamy sounds, space age pads, fm sounds and much more. Read more

Freeware sounds

Sweet Tone by Dance Midi Samples contains 20 freeware sweet EDM synth patches for Dmitry Sches ‘Thorn’ and Vengeance Sound ‘Avenger’ from pro synth programmers ZSC. The sound banks include arps, leads, plucks, pads, synths, sequences and keys. Modulation wheel assignments have been added to all presets for great tweak-ability.


19 free presets by ] Peter H [. Here you could listen to Peter's track using Thorn only for KVROSC #105 contest: