version 1.06:

  • Fixed preset file sorting issue on OSX High Sierra

version 1.05:

  • Fixed possible issues with restoring session data on Windows
  • Added BOOST parameter for Distortion to switch between subtle/heavy saturation
  • Added LOCK buttons to Glitch/Arp/Effects/Matrix sections
  • Minor improvements

version 1.04:

  • Added MSEG/STEPPER OneShot mode
  • Now Thorn remembers recent folder when importing WAV-files
  • Fixed Windows 32 bit stability issues
  • Adjusted polyphony stealing scheme, now Thorn tries to not steal sustained voices if possible
  • Adjusted LFO syncing when Arp is on
  • Added "Disable MIDI Output" option to solve MIDI recording issue in Sonar
  • Fixed multiple minor GUI/processing issues
  • Adjusted user manual

version 1.03:

  • Fixed a crash that might occur on Windows when editing harmonics
  • Significantly reduced installers size
  • Added support for preset switching with Up(Left) and Down(Right) arrow keys ( Disabled in the main menu settings by default! )
  • Added popup value editors for controls, SHIFT+click to open
  • Added OSC KeyTrack control
  • Added "Constant" to the list of available modulation sources
  • Draw proper curve instead of bars in Harmonic Filter editor
  • GUI layout adjustments
  • Fixed minor stability issues
  • Manual adjustments

version 1.02:

  • Nothing has changed, just a special build for KVROsc contest

version 1.01:

  • Added "Intermediate" GUI size. As well there is an additional submenu now with precise scaling steps. Click on the logo displays GUI size menu now
  • Fixed VST3 automation and mono configuration issues
  • Fixed possible crash when playing low keys
  • Fixed 32bit versions don't show up on Mac
  • Fixed font encoding issues of Windows for some menus
  • Increased font size, adjusted GUI layout
  • Status bar does not fade out when tweaking parameters now
  • Knobs: CMD(Mac) or CTRL(Win) + mouse drag/wheel/trackpad to adjust modulation depth
  • All controls use ALT+drag for fine tuning
  • Better faders control for envelopes
  • Expanded clickable area for preset arrows
  • Manual corrections

Know issues:

  • There are might be GUI font and layout rendering issues on Windows for "Small" GUI size. OSX and higher GUI scales unaffected

version 1.00:

  • Approved for long life