What if I have previous version of Thorn, before version 1.2?

Since version 1.2 Thorn is exclusively distributed by Plugin Alliance [PA]. This means that Thorn can now be purchased only at PA store and it uses authorization scheme provided by PA which is not compatible with previous serial numbers.

I would like to upgrade my version of Thorn and get actual version that is distributed by Plugin Alliance.

We offer a way to migrate to actual PA version of Thorn from the previous licenses. Please send us an email through our contact form and we will provide you with information and instructions on how to proceed.

What if I don't want to migrate to Plugin Alliance, can I use the previous version?

Of course! You could use the previous version, the previous licenses will alway be working. We didn't use any online checks for old authorization scheme, so it can be used during lifetime. Please send us an email through our contact form and we will provide you with your serial number at any time. Here you can download installers for the previous version of Thorn:

Will I get support if I don't migrate?

Of course! We answer to all emails and try to help in any case, even if you are not our registered customer.

Will you release updates for the previous version of Thorn?

Since Plugin Alliance is our target platform, all our efforts will be put to develop further our PA products. We unfortunately can't maintain two versions at the same time. However, we will provide minor updates for the previous version of Thorn if we find any compatibility issues with the latest Windows / macOS updates.

What's with your other products, except for Thorn?

During 2019 we plan to migrate all our plugins to Plugin Alliance, so hopefully in 2020 we will have all possible transition issues fixed and resolved all ambiguities. DS Audio soon will be exclusively distributed by Plugin Alliance. If you have any question, please send us an email through our contact form, we will answer shortly.